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For Christian Businessmen & Leaders Who Are Not Willing To Give Up Yet
My Friend, 
You’ve been busy growing your business and pursuing your dreams to give your family a better life. But, over time your marriage has been suffering. After years of conflict, stress and avoidance, your wife has said “She’s done!” And has left you. 

She will be signing divorce papers. 

What would you do, if you have 30 days to win back your wife and avoid divorce?

You might be thinking...
"Everything I've Tried In The Past Hasn't Worked... This feels so hopeless!"
I found myself in a similar situation. After a decade of a horrible marriage, my wife left. It was one of the most painful times in my life. But, despite popular advice, I didn’t want to get a divorce. Instead, I went on a journey to win back my wife...

It was painful and wasn't easy, but in less than 30 days I was able to win my wife back, and fall in love again. In this Summit I will tell you exactly what I discovered and the steps God directed me to take.

Being on the other side now, I knew I needed to get what I had learned to other men going through the same thing. I also thought, "wouldn't it be cool to gather other experts and interview them on what they would do?" So that is what I did!

Since we are all in different situations, I thought I would grab marriage experts and business leaders to ask them one primary question...

I would like to invite you to this special 3 day virtual summit, where I interview 22 speakers to find out what they would do. 

Maybe you are facing a similar situation, or maybe you just know your marriage isn’t what it should be. Join me on this Win Back Your Wife Summit and get equipped with the tools you need to Win Back Your Wife and rise up as a man that you have been called to be. 

The Picture That Should Have Never Happened...
This picture is of me and my wife, but it should have never happened and would not have happened. But it did. Because I decided to fight and Win Back My Wife, I went on a crazy journey that truly transformed my marriage... And me!

The Letter That Changed Everything... 
There I was, an entrepreneur, a preacher, a husband and father of 4. I had a marriage that sucked, a business that would just would not take off and debt piling up. I was just trying to keep it together one day at a time.

The truth was, I wasn't providing for my family as a businessman or trying to make my marriage work. I had stories I was telling myself to justify the lack of results in my marriage & business.

The big problem was that after 14 long years of crap, everything finally came to a head... I came home one day and found a letter from my wife sitting on my desk. It stated that she was done and that she was leaving me. She had already found an apartment and signed a one year lease! 

Which led me to practically being a single parent overnight. I stopped eating and was going off of about 2-4 hours of sleep each night, which caused me to lose 16 lbs. within 3 weeks! My head was not in the game of business and I was doing everything I could to hide the pain and be there for my kids. It really felt like an impossible situation.
From Impossible To Transformed
But after crying out to God, a miracle took place. 

After Winning Back My Wife and going through steps of restoration and transformation, I am now enjoying life with the woman I couldn't stand being around. Truly amazing! 

But, I knew I wasn't the only man that had experienced the deathblow in their marriage. 

I knew I needed to share my story with men. But then I thought, why should it just be my story? What if I got other guys that have achieved success in their marriage and asked them a simple question...

Hey, Marriage Expert & Business Leader! 

I have a question for you and I’d love to know your answer. 

Let’s say your marriage had been on the rocks for a while and now your wife has left you... And you only had 30 days to Win Back Your Wife, how would you do it?

I would love for you to share your thoughts to men that have registered for the summit that going through much pain in their marriage. 

Are you in?
I wanted to hear from the guys with REAL experience that have gotten REAL results.
Which is what I did!
No matter if your wife has left you emotionally or literally walked out...

Or you just want to bullet-proof your marriage with further strategies and wisdom, you are going to want to grab a ticket for this life changing summit. 

These experts were sharing amazing truth bombs with me, including the plan they would use to win back their spouse. 

And you will be able to use these strategies as well, to Win Back Your Wife!

TRUTH BOMB: You will NEVER win back your wife, until you are willing to stop blaming her and start being the man God has called you to be.

I started thinking about the countless men stuck in a mediocre marriage or worse, a dead marriage. 

And I realized… 
"No One Has A Great Marriage On Accident. 
It ONLY happens when it's done on purpose"
When the idea of gathering experts together and how I would get this information out to other men, it caused me to think about a few things...

How do I get this information into as many hands as possible?

My first thought, was to host a webinar and just tell my story. 

But then I realized that there are so many experts out there that can offer a TON of wisdom as well. 

Then I thought how I could create a cool product out of all of this (The entrepreneur in me coming out), but then it hit me...

This wasn't about creating a "cool" product, it was about truly helping men like you Win Back Your Wife! 

And I wanted to get this to be a life-changing training.

Then it hit me… 
"What If I Joined Forces With These Marriage Experts & Business leaders, Got Them To Do A Live Interview Detailing Their Plans,
 Then Share It With You?
And what if we did it FOR FREE?
Sound good?

I understand the pain and torment of going through a horrible marriage.

Chances are, you do too!

This is why I made it my mission to gather these experts and share their tips, strategies and wisdom with you.

Even If You Feel Like You Have A "Good" Marriage, why on earth would you ever want to settle for anything less than an awesome, amazing marriage, filled with connection, passion and purpose?

As the saying goes: "Good is the enemy of GREAT!" 

So who are these amazing experts partnering with me to bring you these life-changing, marriage restoring, powerful lessons at no cost to you?
Prepare to Meet These Awesome Guests...
Alejandro Reyes

Coach, Agency Owner, Family Man

Alex Navas

Business Coach For Family-Focused Entrepreneurs

Nate Bagley

Relationship Expert & Coach

Robert Caruso

Online Marketing Expert

David Burrus

Marriage Coach & Author

Mike Sharp

Discipleship Coach

Ruddy Ortiz

Business Growth Specialist 

Cory & JoJo Rankin

Business & Marriage Coach Duo

Rob Kee

Executive Consultant • Corporate Trainer • Author • Speaker

Prepare to Meet These Special Guests..
Travis Peters
Increase Coach
Kate & Tanner Wendell
Marriage Coaches
Dan Zehner
Founder of
 Anthem Of The Adventurer
Ben Killoy
Marine - Podcaster - Coach
Alex Dumas
Business & Success Coach
Richard Sargent
Agency Owner
Mike & Tami Altice
Marriage Counselors
Monica Tanner
Marriage & Intimacy Coach
Jeremy Ginn
Host of the Relationship Renewed Podcast
Brandon Johnson
Founder of The  Authentic Man
Discover Not What I Would Do, But What I Did To Win Back My Wife...
Paul Cooley

Host Of The Win Back Your Wife Summit

"These experts will show you How They Would Win Back Their Spouse & What They Are Doing To Maintain An Amazing Marriage"
Remember, we're talking step-by-step roadmaps for not only winning back your wife, but taking your marriage to new levels. 

The price of Winning Back Your Wife is priceless! Which is why I have decided make this my gift to you and offer it for free. 

My hope is, that by doing so, more guys can win back their wives and truly have the marriage that God designed. 

By giving away access to these truth bombs and gold nuggets of wisdom, it is my hope to increase your chances of avoiding even more pain than you've already been experiencing. 
These Marriage Experts & Business Leaders Will Dive Into What They Would do and what they Have Done To Grow A Successful Relationship And Career.
There is something I am concerned about though... 

I understand that people usually don't value free stuff. This is why I should be charging for this summit. To ensure everyone has some skin in the game. 

So here's my plan to compel you to get real results (and add a little pressure):

These interviews will only be available to you for 24 hours. 

The summit will be 3 days long, with all the interviews spread out over three days. Interviews for each day are given their own batch of people and once that day is up those interviews are gone and locked away.

Why am I doing it like this?

To force you to take action. 

I am doing this to help you get results. Because chances are, time is of the essence right now. 

So to help you implement these strategies and wisdom, I’m giving you a just short window to watch for free.

You have to take ownership of your results. Which is why you must make going through this summit a priority. For the sake of your marriage! 

So block off your calendar and set aside some time absorb this info. 

- Get the strategies.
- Get your roadmap.
- Implement.  

Do these things and get results.  

Don't do these things and let your marriage continue to spiral downwards... and possibly end. 
Until it all disappears. 
Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn Inside:
All of this and more awaits you inside this summit. 

The only thing I’m asking in return is that you commit… 

-- Commit to watching…
-- Commit to learning… 
-- Commit to implementing… 
-- and Commit to changing the world for the better, however that looks for you. 

Will you join us?
I can’t wait for you to get access to these sessions and start getting results.

See you on the inside! 
PS: Let’s recap one more time…

When you register for the Win Back Your Wife Summit (for free!), you’ll get access to all my interviews with 23 (including a special session with me!) experts. They’re sharing how they would win back their spouse and maintain a newly restored marriage.

All you need to do is register right now: 
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